Our Story

Since 1910, the Vader family has been producing maple syrup on their farm situated on the south shore of East Lake in Prince Edward County. The family’s rich agricultural history and maple traditions have been carefully passed down through several generations to the present day, where Todd Vader and his wife Susan continue the maple legacy with passion and gratitude for mother nature’s pure harvest.

The Vader farm boasts a large maple bush where approximately 3,000 maple trees are tapped each year. A tubing system is used to gather the maple sap which is then boiled down on a 3 foot by 14 foot evaporator in their rustic sap house.

As a single-source producer, Vader's produce 100% of their maple products. The climate of southern Prince Edward County, in combination with the farm’s unique terroir-soil, provide Vader’s Maple Syrup with a distinctly decadent maple flavour.

All maple syrup grades: golden, amber, dark, and very dark are available in a wide variety of glass and plastic containers. Other maple products such as maple butter, maple jelly, granulated maple sugar, maple leaves, and whisky barrel aged dark maple syrup are handcrafted with great care and reflect the benefit of experience.

A farm store located in the sap house is open year round for visitors to purchase maple syrup and maple products and to observe and learn about maple syrup production 🍁